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Local Favorites: Mermaid Point in Lillington, NC

Living in Raleigh’s suburbs means being close to, well, everything! From big-city attractions to small-town treasures, there’s a lot to explore in these unique communities.

Today, we want to highlight one in particular: Mermaid Pointe in Lillington, NC!

Location, Location, Location

Pier on a river.

Mermaid Pointe has the trifecta: delicious food, attentive customer service, and a gorgeous location. The location, in particular, creates an extraordinary dining experience you can’t find anywhere else!

It’s located along the Cape Fear River, and during the spring and summer it is absolutely gorgeous. Sit outdoors with your friends and family, enjoying delicious seafood and sipping cold drinks in a one-of-a-kind setting.

Watch the sunlight sparkling on the smooth river waters, and enjoy the sights and sounds of nature at Mermaid Point.

The Caring & Attentive Staff

Customer service is next-level at Mermaid Point. Every staff member is friendly and highly knowledgeable about the menu, making the entire dining experience a treat!

Depending on when you stop in for a meal, you may even get a chance to chat with the owners! They’re often there working and talking with customers and are always open to friendly suggestions and feedback.

Delicious BBQ & Seafood

A plate of fried shrimp and calamari.

Southerners do many things right, but their food is the best of the best. That fact is very clear at Mermaid Point, which offers traditional Southern BBQ and seafood, with plenty of side options and delicious beers on tap.

While you’re here, we highly recommend trying the pan-fried flounder for your entree and the catfish nuggets as an appetizer. Pair it with a local beer—you won’t be disappointed!

Stay Long Enough… and You Might Even See a Mermaid or Two

Legend has it that in years past, sailors leaving the area late at night would catch glimpses of mermaids out on the sandbar of the Cape Fear River.

Folklore tells us that mermaids liked swimming along the river to bathe in its fresh water. While these may just be stories passed down from generation to generation, why not stop by for a drink and a plate of BBQ to find out?

Raleigh’s Suburban Attractions are Endless!

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