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5 Signs Fuquay-Varina is the Perfect Spot for Your Next Home

Once upon a time, visitors from all over the state traveled to the tiny rustic community of Fuquay-Varina to sample the legendary healing waters of its Fuquay Mineral Spring. Today, Fuquay-Varina is less of a backcountry legend and more of a robust hometown filled with modern amenities and small-town charm. If you’ve been thinking of relocating to the Triangle area, Fuquay-Varina should definitely be on your radar!

Here are five signs Fuquay-Varina is the perfect spot for your next home.

You Love Charming Downtowns

scenic downtown street in fuquay varina

Are you the type of person who enjoys a good stroll along quaint Downtown streets lined in charming historic storefronts? Do you love sampling local flavors, browsing artsy shops, and window-shopping at local businesses? Then Fuquay-Varina is definitely the spot for you, because we have not one but TWO amazing little Downtowns to explore.

You Love Spending Time Outside

hiking at a local fuquay varina park

It’s only too easy to get outside and play in Fuquay-Varina. Of course, there’s the famous Mineral Spring Park, once believed to have special healing powers and today a testament to Fuquay’s unique history. But that’s hardly all; Fuquay-Varina is home to hundreds of acres of beautifully maintained parkland and miles of scenic trails.

One of our favorites is South Park, which even offers a splash pad with more than 35 water features.

You Love Small-Town Events

father and daughter having fun at a fuquay varina event

There’s always something fun happening in Fuquay-Varina! There are small little events, like live music at one of the local breweries (Aviator Brewing and Fainting Goat Brewing Company), local Farmers Markets, or even ice cream socials. And there are big events, like Celebrate Fuquay-Varina, the Independence Day Celebration, and Freedom Balloon Fest.

You’re Considering New Construction

beautiful new home for sale in fuquay varina

Fuquay-Varina might be an old town, but it’s got a lot of new construction happening. Lots of new construction means lots of options—like choosing a pre-built but still brand-new home or working with a local builder to select a lot and home options for a new home. There are even opportunities to buy land and custom-build your own home from the ground up.

You Like Being Close to… Everything

woman shopping around fuquay varina

Fuquay-Varina is unique in that it offers a perfect blend of small-town country charm and modern big-city convenience. Forget long drives to the nearest grocery store or to work every morning; Fuquay-Varina is surrounded by shopping, dining, and larger convenience stores, like Walmart. And its location at the junction of routes 401 and 55 mean it’s just a short drive from Downtown Raleigh and the Research Triangle Park.

Ready to Make Your Home in Fuquay-Varina?

Are you sold in Fuquay yet? Then it’s time to contact Ann Milton Realty. We want to be your guides to the area, to help you learn more about buying a home in the Triangle, and to ensure you find the perfect home in the perfect location.

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