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Should You Sell During the Holidays? Here’s What the Experts Say.

To sell or not to sell during the holidays? It’s long been a hotly debated real estate topic, one that really seems to have no definitive answer. So… what’s the bottom line? Should you sell your home during the holidays?

Here’s what the experts have to say about holiday home selling.

Buyers Will Be Few… But Serious

serious home buyers during the holidays

The holidays are a busy time for many people, which means that the focus of many potential home buyers might not be on buying a home right now. However, those that are out house-hunting are likely serious about buying—and eager to close before the end of the year so they can take advantage of tax benefits come tax season.

Holiday Homes Appeal to Buyer Emotions

cheerful holiday home

The holidays are (ideally) a happy time of year—silver bells, piney smells, and holiday cheer elevate emotions as people shop, spend money, and make merry. A hesitant spring or summer buyer just might be caught up in the excitement of the season and make an offer come holiday time.

Sellers (i.e. competition) Will Also Be Few

house with a for sale sign

A major perk to selling during the holiday season is the reduced competition. If you’re hesitating to list, so are other sellers. If you’re thinking you might be too busy to sell, so are other sellers. Reduced competition means buyers have fewer choices—which makes the choices they do have that much more appealing.

Buyers Might Think You’re Desperate

buyers making an offer

On the flip side of that reduced competition is buyers trying to take advantage of what they might take to be a desperate seller. If you’re selling during the holidays, you’re probably eager to move—which means you’re open to negotiation, right? While holiday home buyers are serious, some may also try to test the waters with a lowball offer in an attempt to determine just how “desperate” you really are to sell.

Your Agent Will Be Less Busy… Or Not

real estate agent with clients

Fewer buyers and fewer sellers means less competition for your real estate agent’s time and attention! During the summertime, your agent is probably hopping around from showing to inspection to closing, leaving very little time to focus on your needs. During the winter, they’ll likely have far fewer clients taking up their time and energy.

However, it’s always a good idea to check with your agent about their holiday schedule to ensure they don’t have any vacations, trips, or big parties planned that might take their focus off your home. The last thing you want is to sign on with an agent too distracted by their busy personal life to maintain professional communication!

The Bottom Line to Holiday Home Selling

female agent with clients

And the holiday home selling verdict is… well, ultimately, there are pros and cons to selling during the holiday season, just as there are any time of year. Sorry if that seems kind of inconclusive—but it’s not really!

What it comes down to is what works best for you. Are you a person who’s always busy and stressed during the holidays? Does work pick up or do you host half a dozen holiday parties every season? You might not want to add selling a home to that mix.

On the flip side, if the holidays tend to be a slower, more relaxed time for you, or if you find yourself in need of a move for whatever reason, then there’s no reason the holidays shouldn’t be a productive and profitable time to sell your home.

Thinking of Selling Your Triangle Suburbs Home This Holiday Season?

Are you thinking of selling your home in the Triangle suburbs this holiday season? Then it’s time to contact Ann Milton Realty. We’re here to help you price your home correctly, get it looking fantastic, and list it with ease—no matter the season.

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