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Raven Rock: The Hidden Gem of Harnett County

  • With adventure at every turn and plenty of trails to explore, local state park Raven Rock provides fun for all ages!
  • Visitors to the park can enjoy the park overnight by camping on its designated campgrounds.
  • Raven Rock and Lillington are treasures just waiting to be discovered. Reach out to the Ann Milton Team for help uncovering these jewels of Harnett County!

Raven Rock Is an Adventure on Every Trail

Raven Rock State Park is a masterpiece ready to be discovered. Located on the Cape Fear River, which runs through the coastal plains of North Carolina to the Piedmont Region, the park features gorgeous water views. The Cape Fear River, in addition to the park’s idyllic trails, remains a popular destination for park visitors. Some highlights of Raven Rock State Park include Lanier Falls, the Fish Traps rapids, and the park’s namesake, Raven Rock. Here are five great activities that you will love about this state park!

Plenty of trails to explore! 

A woman and child hike in a park.

A landmark destination, Raven Rock should be seen by every traveler who visits the park. Hikers will trek steep terrain, through mountain laurel and rhododendron thickets, and wade tumbling creeks. Raven Rock Loop Trail leads hikers on a one-mile tour through a hardwood forest that leads down to the namesake of the state park. Wooden stairs aged throughout nature’s timeline take visitors down to the base of Raven Rock. There you will find a narrow area, depending on the tide and recent rainfall, that allows hikers to explore the area underneath the overhang.

Reel in some fish from the Cape Fear River

A man fishes from the Cape Fear River in River Rock State Park.

While this trail must remain on your to-do list there are plenty of picturesque trails to reel you into other fun activities in the park. Thanks to the park’s prime location on the water, there are plenty of fishing spots that will hook you in! Some of the best places to fish include the Fish Traps and the mouth of Campbell Creek. In these waters, you can find largemouth bass, bluegill, catfish, and green sunfish. However, you must have a state fishing license, and fishing is only permitted during posted park hours. 

Overnight adventures

A cabin in Raven Rock State Park for overnight camping.

Looking for a way to spend a little more time in the park? Spend a night or two underneath the stars in the designated backcountry camping areas. Camping is a popular activity in the state park and continues to bring in visitors every day. All equipment and supplies have to be carried into the park, but that only adds to the full outdoor experience! Campers will be able to fully enjoy Raven Rock at all times of the day, which allows for its beauty to really shine through.

Saddle up and explore Raven Rock on Horseback!

Riders on horseback enjoy the trails that Raven Rock State Park has to offer.

Horseback riding is available on the north side of the river through undeveloped woodlands. In this area of the park, riders can explore seven miles of designated horseback riding trails. However, horses and their riders are not permitted on the trails that have been marked for hiking only. Nor is riding permitted during times of heavy rainfall, in order to avoid injury to both horse and rider on the trail. 

Picnicking in the park.

A picnic basket sits in Raven Rock State Park.

Park-goers are also welcome to use the park’s picnic tables and grills for picnicking at Raven Rock. A wide trail takes visitors to the picnic area from the parking lot located on the south side of the river. There are 27 tables and eight grills, in addition to restrooms and drinking water. If you would like to reserve a shelter for a party or outdoor gathering, you are welcome to do so through the park office.

Has Harnett County Harnessed Your Attention?

Would you like to make this breathtaking state park your permanent playground for outdoor recreation? If you are considering relocating to Lillington or any of the surrounding areas, this could be your reality. For any questions regarding Lillington and all of its hidden gems, reach out to the Ann Milton Team today. We are happy to be of assistance for any of your buying or selling needs. Let us help you explore all that this charming area has to offer!

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