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Raleigh Remains a Top Moving Destination in 2020

  • Many Americans felt a need to relocate after many jobs went remote during the pandemic. This increased migration from larger cities to smaller surrounding communities.
  • Greenville, North Carolina, home to East Carolina University, sits atop the list for favorite moving destinations in 2020.
  • Two other North Carolina cities made the list, making North Carolina the second-most popular state on the report.

Relocating During a Pandemic

Last year, many Americans realized the space they had was not enough to suit their current needs. Because so many jobs transitioned to remote positions, people started to move to where they really wanted to live. For years, we have seen trends that show the Southern states have been an attractive moving destination…and North Carolina is no different.

The migration to smaller communities 

A family prepares to move.

The transition to smaller cities from larger cities was an apparent trend, and many Americans left behind the traffic to enjoy a slower pace of life. One of the perks of North Carolina is that there are multiple cities with high populations that provide a ton of employment opportunities. The other beneficial side to working in these larger cities such as Raleigh and Charlotte is the easy access to get to surrounding small towns quickly. Places with small-town charm like Fuquay-Varina are only a 20-minute drive from Downtown Raleigh.

Greenville, North Carolina is the top moving destination in 2020

A woman packs up moving boxes.

The top of the report listed Greenville, North Carolina as the top location to relocate to. This town sits east of Raleigh about an hour from the capital city and is about a two-hour drive to the beach. Greenville has focused on improving its downtown area to make it a trendy yet still charming area for residents and tourists to enjoy. With plenty of job opportunities provided by the university and the hospital, Greenville is a top destination for people who want to live in a city with great restaurants and things to do, at a slower pace of life.

North Carolina remains a popular option for people looking to relocate

Raleigh, North Carolina is a popular destination to move to.

While Greenville, North Carolina sits atop of the list of places that people are looking to move to, North Carolina has four total cities that remain extremely popular among buyers. Charlotte, Greenville, Raleigh, and Wilmington all are popular spots for people relocating. Thanks to its quick access to both the beach and the mountains, great weather that hosts all four seasons, and plenty of job opportunities, North Carolina remains the second most popular state for relocation.

Looking to Relocate to the Triangle?

Have you considered moving to the Raleigh area but don’t want to live in the heart of the Triangle? The Ann Milton Team is here to help you during your relocation process. Our team are experts in real estate surrounding Raleigh, and we’re ready to help find your dream home! Contact us today to get started on a new home search.

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